Aroostook Band of Micmacs

Office of Emergency/ Risk Management
Jonathan P. Cote
Emergency Management Director/Risk Manager

7 Northern Road, Presque Isle ME, 04769
Office: (207) 764-1972 Cell: (207) 551-8653

The Aroostook Band of Micmacs Emergency/Risk Management Office was created in early August 2014. The Emergency Management Director & Risk Manager for the Aroostook Band of Micmacs is Jonathan Cote originally from Fort Fairfield. Jonathan brings to the tribe over 20 years of experience in Public Safety. The Emergency/Risk Management Office mission is to provide a safe and hazard free environment for the staff, and tribal members of the Micmac Community. The Tribal Emergency/Risk Management Office is responsible for writing all emergency, disaster, shelter, mitigation, and safety plans for the tribe. The Tribal Emergency/Risk Management Office also is responsible for responding to all small- and large-scale emergencies within the tribe and serves as the tribe's incident commander to work with other incident command officials. The Emergency/Risk Management Office also works closely with other Tribal EMA Officials, Local EMA directors, County EMA director, local fire chiefs, local police chiefs, American Red Cross and FEMA working on EMA plans and needs for the tribe. The Tribal Emergency/Risk Management Office also provides all safety, CPR & first aid training to the tribe. Tribal EMA Director/ Risk Manager also serves as the chair of Micmac Safety Committee, and serves on many other boards to represent the tribe.

The tribal EMA director is avaible to the tribe 24 hours day 7 days a week. He can be reached by cell: 207-551-8653 or e-mail:

The Tribal Emergency/Risk Management Office Provides the following services to staff and the Tribal Community:

Provides Emergency Response Services for the following events to the Tribal Community: Drought, Floods, Severe Winter Storm, Severe Summer Storms, Fires, Wildfires, Power Failure, Natural Disasters, Accidents, Pandemics, Dam Failure, Hazardous Materials Spill, Terrorism, Search & Rescue, Active Shooters Incidents, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Medical Emergencies, and many other emergencies.

Alerting Tribal Community Members to emergency events that require notification and require shelter.

Writes all emergency management plans, shelter plans, safety plans, and mitigation plans for the tribal community.

Managing resources and emergency planning for emergency services for the tribal community.

Provide shelters services & supplies during large scale events for tribal community members.

Provide Emergency Management Services, Command Post, and Security during large tribal events

Works closely with local law enforcement, fire departments, Aroostook County EMA, American Red Cross, & other emergency services during incidents, disasters, & drills.

Serves as the Local Health Officer & Fire Warden for the Tribe.

Inspects all Tribal Buildings and Homes.

Attends all Emergency Management & Public Safety Meetings in the area to represent the Tribe.

Provide annual training, emergency management training, shelter training, hazmat, first aid/CPR & AED training

Provide Public Education Classes to the Tribal Community, Elders & Youth on Emergency Management, Natural Disasters, and Shelters.

Services all the AED's & First Aid Kits.

Serves as a Regional Decontamination Strike Team (Hazmat Team) for Aroostook County.

Issues Tribal Campfire Permits.

Emergency/Risk Management Equipment:

2020 Emergency Management Command Vehicle

2020 Command Post Trailer

2020 Emergency Shelter Trailer- consists of cots, blankets, and misc. items needed to open up a shelter.

2016 Emergency Management Trailer- consist of generators, traffic and crowd control supplies, lighting, and hand tools.

2016 Emergency Management Trailer- consist of generators, traffic and crowd control supplies, lighting, and hand tools.

Emergency Operations Center Equipment- Incident Command Board, 8 Laptops, 6 Dedicated EOC Phones, LCD Projector, 12 portable radios, and 3 base radios.

Assortment of Wildland Fire Tools & Equipment.

2 sets of Pet Oxygen Mask.

Cache of Flash Lights

AED's placed in all tribal building and the Emergency Management Command Vehicle.

"Protecting Life and Property in the Tribal Community of The Aroostook Band of Micmacs"