Little Feathers Head Start was established to promote the importance of education, as well as, the parent's investment in the families continued educational/social experience while incorporating the Micmac culture and beliefs.

Micmac Culture

The Micmac culture is integrated into our entire Head Start curriculum. This is done with a variety of activities, some of which include language, songs, stories, crafts, dancing and drumming.

Enrollment Policy

Pigunji'jg/Little Feathers Head Start is federally funded for a maximum of twenty (20) children. Enrollment will be open to all children who will be three (3) by October 15 of the school year, four (4) and five (5) years old.

Enrollment will be pending approval of the Head Start Policy Council and meeting criteria.


The Head Start curriculum identifies goals in all areas of development:


To help children feel comfortable in school, trust their new environment, make new friends, and feel they are a part of the group.


To help children experience pride and self-confidence, develop independence and self-control, and have a positive attitude toward life.


To help children become confident learners by letting them try out their own ideas and experience success, and by helping them acquire learning skills such as the ability to solve problems, ask questions and use words to describe their ideas, observation and feelings.


To help children increase their large and small muscle skills and feel confident about what their bodies can do.

This curriculum provides valuable hands-on learning experience for our children, while at the same time inspiring them to use their imagination and become enthusiastic learners.

As part of the daily schedule, children are encouraged to develop good health habits and to learn about preventative health.

Meals prepared and planned by our professional staff offer the children a glimpse into good nutritional habits. Meals are served family style, which encourage children and staff to engage in meaningful conversation. This family style atmosphere is both relaxing and fun for the children.

Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child's education. They are to assist in making decisions about the nature of the program, volunteering in the classroom and working with their children at home.

Annual Report 2014

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Annual Report 2014

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Director: Bethann Basso