To see our children mature into substance free, responsible leaders; with faith in our Creator; strong morals and values; a positive sense of self and great conviction for the well being of family, community and Mother Earth.



The Youth Prevention Education Program will provide youth ages 5 - 17 with fun, educational science based programs through alternative and cultural activities. With love, integrity and faith we will implement these programs with a safe structured environment.

The youth program will work and collaborate within our Tribe and with other tribal and non-tribal agencies to achieve a comprehensive advancement to prevention. A holistic approach will be made to help the youth identify with their traditional ways, to be responsible for living a healthy life style and to be proud of being a Native American.

The youth program focuses on bringing the Micmac youth together and exposing them to many different experiences. These experiences help bring out their strength, function as a team and make group decisions.


Leather, beadwork, basket-making, Micmac language, traditional singing, dancing, drumming, storytelling and ceremonies


Substance abuse, AIDS, injury prevention, drug free, healthy lifestyles, nutrition, teen pregnancy, violence, hygiene, tobacco and smokeless tobacco


Intertribal activities, powwows, camping, swimming, bowling, hiking, roller-skating, ice-skating, holiday socials, canoeing and sports

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