Community Health


To enhance Tribal Community wellness by providing health services that incorporate individual and group health education, counseling and lifestyle changes. Also, to prevent injuries, reduce communicable diseases, prevent, delay and assist with chronic diseases.

Community Health Services Provided:

^Exercise and Fitness opportunities

^Nutritional Education & Counseling

^Weight Management

^Tobacco Cessation Education & Counseling

^Health Screening: Blood Pressures, Height/Weight

^Diabetes and Cholesterol Screening (Health Fair & Special     Events)

^Diabetes Education and Support Group

^Health Maintenance: Diabetes, Heart Health, Elders             Health, Youth, etc.

^Bike Safety/Bike Helmets

^Child Safety Seats/Seatbelt Safety

^Fire Extinguishers/Smoke Detectors

^Home & Community Building Fire Safety & Escape Plans

^Home & Workplace Safety Evaluations

^Health Education Presentations

^Health Promotion & Safety Awareness

^Access to Health Care Services: CHR's to assist in filling       out Medicare, Maine Care and Disability Forms

^Referrals/Tracking & Outreach Services


"Healthy lifestyles leads to the path of wellness"

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