Edward Peter-Paul
Tribal Chief
2017-2021 (4 yr Term)

Richard Silliboy

2017-2021 (4 yr Term)

Crystal Martinelli

2019-2023 (4 yr Term)

Christina Donnelly

2017-2021 (4 yr Term)

Tribal Government

The Aroostook Band of Micmacs holds tribal elections every two years. Our annual meetings are held in April with nominations to our government happening on odd numbered years. 

Upon successful completion of nominations, our election is held on the second Tuesday in May followed by the newly elected government taking their seats at the next regular Tribal Council meeting.

Our next election process will take place in 2021 for Tribal Chief, Vice-Chief, and top three seats then again in 2023 for the bottom four seats on Tribal Council will be elected.

The Election Ordinance is the governing documents for our Tribal Elections.  Click the link to read Election Ordinance.


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Tribal Council

Brandon Getchell
2017-2021 (4 yr Term)

Sheila McCormack
2019-2023 (4 yr Term)

Norman Bernard
 2019-2023 (4 yr Term)

Roldena Sanipass
2019-2021 (2 yr Term)

Frederick Getchell
2019-2023 (4 yr Term)

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