Micmac people have lived in the area now called Quebec, Maritime Provinces of Canada and Maine of the United States. As in all cultures, evidenced in the archaeological record, technologies and traditions have changed over time.

The first encounters between Micmacs and Europeans in the 1500's and 1600's, for instance, brought about far reaching changes in the lives of all involved. For Micmacs; disease, increased warfare, different tools and technologies and new religions would change their culture forever. Despite all of these changes, the Micmacs have persisted. Many of their traditions have survived and continue to be important in lives of present day community.

Today the Mi'kmaq Nation community maintains its own government, cultural center and manages its respective resources.

While in Presque Isle, come visit our Cultural Community Education Center and tour the interpretation area which contains an exhibit about the Micmac whose culture dates back 9000 years ago.